Listening to Benj


This is something for us Seniors. You young’uns best move on to something else because you ain’t gonna be interested in this at all. Duke Ellington? Roy Orbison? Louis Armstrong? Frankie Lymon? Janis Joplin? Albert Ammons? Like I said, move along now.

Geezers! Ever wish you had your own personal Disk Jockey? I don’t mean going online and programming your own music channels. I mean, having someone local you know, play the music you love, interspersed with just the right amount of intelligent bits and pieces about the music and the musicians you remember, told by someone who really, really loves the music. Benj Thomas puts his shows together in themes and sequences in such a way that it means something and is really fun to listen to whether you want to be engaged with it, or just want something in the background while you’re doing other things. It’s the difference between a cup of coffee and a lattè.

Here’s the thing. You can tune in each Saturday afternoon at 4pm for a couple of hours, but here’s something very cool. Sid Cooperrider has archived all of the shows on KMEC. You can go here, click on one of Benj’s shows, and it will keep playing all the way through to the last one recorded just this past Saturday. Hours and hours, over two years of weekly 2-hour programs, are there to listen to.

Most any time you walk into Mulligan Books, that’s what you’re going to hear. Benj music. It’s the best music ever created. Period.

One Comment

Dave says the nicest things, but beauty in music is in no small measure the ear of the listener. I do have unending pleasure in putting together the music, and I guess that comes through. Good. BTW, tomorrow’s show (February 6), called Fats and Loose, is a lot of Fats Waller and then songs with titles relating to loose, tight, and lose. Silly but I got to make an awful pun.