Volume has Tripled on Credit Union Web Sites


Consumers are being driven in higher numbers to credit union Web sites as a result of the media and government focus on big bank practices, according to National Association For Credit Unions (NAFCU) and Credit Union National Association (CUNA).

NAFCU, for one, said this week its “CULookup” locator has recorded “a tripling of volume” since the first favored mention of CUs appeared on New York pundit Arianna Huffington’s “Move Your Money” Web site.

For days, both CUNA and NAFCU have promoted their online systems aimed at providing access and convenience for consumers to make the switch from banks to CUs.  NAFCU noted that the Huffinton Post first  listed  NAFCU’s “call to action”  on Jan. 6 with commentary by  Fred Becker, president/CEO of NAFCU.

“The groundswell of positive recognition of credit unions generated by the Huffington Post campaign is a welcome testament to the good work credit unions are doing as not-for-profit, member-focused institutions,” said Becker.   The tripling of traffic, he said, “clearly reflects the keen interest that we have generated among consumers for a solid alternative to banks.”

“It doesn’t do us any good to generate great media coverage concluding that credit unions are better than banks unless we make it very easy for consumers to find one they can join,” he added.

CUNA said also its “creditunions.coop -Quickfind” also has enjoyed high volume following a contributing article on CU advantages by CUNA President Dan Mica appearing also Jan. 6 on the Huffington Post Web site. “We’ve seen a 300% traffic jump,” said a CUNA spokesman noting also CUNA’s “Quickfind” link is comprehensive in covering state and federal CUs.

Separately, CUNA also said  Mica  this month cut a new YouTube video urging viewers to “Move their Money” to a CU.
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