Ukiah Farmers Market Saturday 1/16/10

Neosho, Missouri


Farmers’ Market Fans,

Greetings.  Please come out Saturday to enjoy the Ukiah Saturday Farmers’ Market debut of musician John Craigie.  (More at or )

John John reports that gopher activity has been spotted in the valley.  You can take action to protect your summer crops now by planting Gopher Purge, which John happens to have, in gallons pots and six packs.

When you get to the market Saturday (remember that we are starting at 9:30) you will notice that we are starting to ramp back up from the holidays, as describe below in the Market Message column slated to appear in this Friday’s Ukiah Daily Journal.  Here it is:

Food Not Drugs

Growth is not inherently better any more than turning up the volume makes bad music better.  Just because a farm is filling bins and bushels with food does not mean the food is fit to eat.  Remember, cancer is a growth-unregulated and uncontrolled growth.  Does anyone what to see a growth in the number of wars?  The number of abortions?  The number of high school dropouts?

Through modern technology, we have learned to produce bins and bushels without nutrient content.  It’s like giving tons of high school diplomas without knowing the information. There is a reason why grocery stores have all teamed up with pharmacies.  When the depleted food doesn’t make people healthy, they have to prop themselves up with drugs.

– from “Holy Cows and Hog Heaven, The Food Buyer’s Guide to Farm Friendly Food,” Chapter 5, by Joel Salatin.  Available at the Ukiah Saturday Farmers’ Market.

Thanks for getting the Ukiah’s 2010 market off to a solid start last weekend.

It is time to start rolling up our sleeves to make sure 2010 is Ukiah’s most exciting and interesting farmers’ market year yet.  If you, your group or your service club need a venue with a built-in crowd for an event, let’s talk.  Do you know someone, perhaps you, who could share a tasty cooking demonstration with the community?  Do you know someone with specialized knowledge – from vermiculture to solar cooking – who could put on a good seminar at the market?  If so, stop by the market to talk it over or call 462-7377.

At tomorrow’s market I expect several more local producers to return from their holidays including Green Uprising with their Willits salad mix, Owen Family Farm with lamb and goat, Olivino olive oils and wines and Smarts’ Mountain with nuts, knife sharpening and more.  We should also still have a good selection of local pork products from both Ukiah and Redwood Valley, plus some farm fresh eggs.    All that will pile on with the great stuff we had last week to make a surprisingly robust January farmers’ market experience.

Do the fresh local products you find at the farmers market really deliver more nutrition than large-scale commercial products? There is considerable evidence that they do – particularly when you are able to get food from animals that were grassfed and naturally pastured or produce that was grown organically.

For example, a 2007 study found that eggs from free range/pastured chickens contained 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fat, 2/3 more Vitamin A, two-times more omege-3 fatty acids and seven-times more beta carotene than USDA data regarding the “conventional” egg business.   For a lengthy compilation of findings that grass-fed products are nutritionally superior and offer other health benefits you can go to

As to produce, the French Agency for Food Safety recently published a peer reviewed survey of studies conducted over the past six years, which found that organic plants contain more dry matter (i.e., less water and more nutrient dense matter), have higher mineral levels, more anti-oxidants and lower nitrates than “conventional” produce.  Other studies have found superior levels of goodies such as vitamin C in organic produce.  Freshness also has lots to do with it.

To help make sure that everyone has access to the healthy foods at the farmers’ market, please help spread the word that the Ukiah Saturday Market does accept food stamp/EBT/Advantage cards.  To use food stamp funds at the market come to the market staff table (the place with the coffee and muffins) and find me.  I can process the card and provide tokens to spend at the market.

The Ukiah Saturday Farmers’ Market is where you should be every Saturday morning from 9:30 a.m. to Noon.  The Willits Farmers’ market is in the Little Lake Grange building, which is at 291 School Street, on Thursdays from 3-6 p.m

See you at the market.