Dave responds to Tommy Wayne Kramer’s scurrilous attack


Letter to the UDJ Editor:

Closet Environmentalist

Can one truly say they have “arrived” in Mendocino County unless they have been called out and made fun of by columnist Tommy Wayne Kramer? After living in and out of the Mendocino County for over 20 years, yes, I’ve finally arrived. In the Sunday paper (Building a Skatepark with SOLE?, Ukiah Daily Journal 1/10/2010), I was smeared as an environmentalist and S.O.L.E. (Save Our Local Economy) fellow traveler by this man, and lumped in with Eddie Bauer wannabes, Prius drivers, and Evian slurpers. I suppose he also thinks I walk to work, bicycle to the Co-op, and watch birds in my free time!

This is the height of hypocrisy! I’ve seen this guy walking around town like other environmentalists do so they won’t contribute to global warming or peak oil. Oh, you may say he’s just skulking around looking for something to make fun of, but no… I’ve seen him stop and look up into trees! There ain’t nothing up in a tree to make fun of. He’s looking at birds!

Recently, I saw a man coming towards me with his hoody up over his head and as he drew closer I saw it was Tommy Wayne. As I turned to watch him pass, sure enough, printed on the back was “100% Organic Cotton!”

This guy has got to cop to his secret life, or we can never again trust the journalistic integrity of this newspaper.


When did you “trust the journalistic integrity of this newspaper?” Before it was bought by some outfit in CO and run by KC Meadows, I suppose.

I’m not even sure why one should even give any attention to someone who writes with the wit and wisdom of a school yard bully. Every once in a while I’ll start reading one of his articles, not realizing it’s him, and think, “Was this written by a child? I’ve seen better articles in high school papers,” and then see that it was a TWK piece and think, “dang, you got me again.”

He’s just one more data point that says the UDJ is irrelevant. What will it take to get a locally owned paper with quality journalism?

I know there are proposals to fund local papers with private foundation money. That could work, providing there was some legislation to allow the local papers to take positions on candidates and local issues. Absent some legislation, the foundations very likely could not claim non-profit status under the Tax Code.

Silly & offensive, Tommy Wayne has been around since the days of the MC5.
You have arrived.