Just try ’em – Organic Green Smoothies

From Dave Smith

[Repost. The beautiful, densely-nutritional winter greens are now available from Farmers Markets and CSAs. Boost your immune system with the chlorophyll from delicious green smoothies. -DS]

I’m not a raw foodist or diet nut. But the more raw fruit and vegetables I eat — especially dark green leafy vegetables — the better I feel… and, I believe, the healthier I’ll be.

Problem: have you tried drinking wheat grass juice? Ugh! How about carrot juice? Much better, but if you do it at home, cleaning that juicer is a pain, and root vegetables are not the most nutritious foods available. Eat lots of salads? Good! How about kale, chard, dandelion greens? Not so much, huh? Feels like more of a duty than pleasurable eating… Mom shaking her finger “eat your vegetables!” Even though they are the most nutritious plants on earth, dark green leafy veggies are very tough to eat raw… and steaming them, according to some, destroys much of the vital nutrients. What to do?

There is a lot of info on the internet by googling “green smoothies” and in books by Victoria Boutenko and others if you need convincing about health results. This approach feels like a real health breakthrough because it’s fast, easy to make and clean up, easy to digest, are complete foods, will get lots of vital chlorophyll and fiber into your body …and tastes terrific!

Try it:

Apple-Kale-Lemon Smoothie

In your blender,

3 organic apples
1 organic banana
1/2 organic lemon (juice only) or piece of ginger root peeled and chopped
5 leaves organic kale (remove white stems), or other green, leafy veggie
2 cups water

Blend until smooth.

Every morning for a week or two, adjusting ingredients to taste, is all I ask. You’ll be glad you did, and it may change your life.