Ukiah: Wal-Mart Gearing Up to Kill More of Our Good-Paying Union Jobs and Wipe Out Our Local Food Security

Racing To The Bottom

Wal-Mart has applied for a Site Development Permit to expand its existing store on Airport Park Boulevard from approximately 109,000 square feet to approximately 160,000 square feet. The primary purposes of the expansion are to accommodate grocery sales and to enlarge the general merchandise area. City staff has determined that an applicant funded Environmental Impact Report is required for the project and the applicants agreed. This agenda item at Wednesday night’s (12/2) City Council meeting is seeking approval of the consulting firm to prepare the EIR, approval of the draft professional services contract…

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…and Spokane Considers Community Bill of Rights


I’ve been thinking about this one and I actually think it would be good to supersize Walmart. After reading Janie’s article about Walmart killing midsize grocers I think the big beneficiary of this eventually would be local food. It seems almost worse to be in this holding pattern waiting to land some where sustainable. I’d prefer to just get to the critical, polarisation stage. Go ahead and kill Safeway and Raley’s. Walmart on one side, the coop and local food on the other. When the you know what really hits the fan, Walmart will go down anyway.

We don’t NEED any more places to spend money, we have plenty, corporate and local. Wal-Mart is a fascist, multinational corporation, that treat their employees like dung. They don’t need to expand they need to shrink. How many times do we have to say ‘foolish and stupid’? We just got rid of DDR, now we just need to stop more corporate expansion, it only takes more of our money out of the county. Just letting them expand uses more precious resources. If Safeway and Raley’s are going to fall, let them fall on their own, we don’t need to force their hand with more Wal-Mart! Wal-Mart is already a blight on our land.

Right on, Adam.