Mendocino Landscapes at Grace Hudson Museum

Curator, Grace Hudson Museum
November 21, 2009 – February 7, 2010

This exhibition presents the work of eight resident Mendocino County photographers who have had a long relationship with their subject. Each has found his or her unique vision of the area’s landscapes. The photographs span a wide range of processes and photographic heritage. Bill Brazill, frequently using a large format camera, creates film- based black and white images that are reminiscent of A. O. Carpenter’s documentary style. Robert Taylor works in the rich tradition of high contrast, modernist, black and white images, while Paul Kozal explores a softer approach reminiscent of California Pictorialism. Tom Liden, known for his bright color images, debuts enchanting sepia works featuring subtle patterns of light across quiet textured terrain. In the realm of color, Peter W. Stearns presents his lush views of rural panoramas. Rita Crane’s compositions offer detailed glimpses of poetic coastal and inland scenes. Jon Klein materializes masterful color visions of spectacular seascapes. Finally, Charlie Hochberg digitally captures the soft atmospheric moods of early morning in the inland valleys. All of the artists give caring, soulful renditions of what is through the viewfinder, their Mendocino landscapes.