Drawing Marathon Saturday 11/14/09 – Art Center Ukiah

Artists will work from 10 am Saturday till they just can’t go on! Public is invited to drop in any time during the marathon to cheer and support the artists while they work. View the drawing, painting, quilting, collage and more in progress.

Participating Artists

William Bacon ~ Oolah Boudreau-Taylor ~ Lisa Bregger ~ Josh Christensen ~ Tania Evans ~ Laura Fogg ~ Tom Johnson ~ Sandy Marshall ~ Nancy Horowitz ~ Elizabeth Raybee ~ Esther Siegel ~ Eva Strauss-Rosen ~ and more


One Comment

I walked by on Saturday night and it looked really interesting – if I had time, I would have gone in. They should make videos on events like this and add them to the list of videos on the uniquelyukiah.com website. Along with Mulligan Books.