Robin Collier: You cannot have it both ways! (Updated)


According to the UDJ 11/8/09: “MCT [Mendocino County Tomorrow, funded by DDR] Director Robin Collier said the organization now plans to partner with Ukiah officials to help fill vacancies in the city’s downtown, and has a particular interest in working with the Friends of the Palace, a group dedicated to restoring the historic Palace Hotel on State Street… ‘It’s my wish to see DDR keep going.'”

Sorry, Robin. Your organization cannot simultaneously work to destroy our downtown, as you did heading up the Yes On A Campaign for DDR, and also “partner with Ukiah officials” and “work with the Friends of the Palace.”

Your organization, and what it stands for, was thoroughly trounced in the recent election. In my opinion, as long as it is sponsored by DDR,  MCT is a pariah. Our downtown does not need any “help” from an organization that continues to support DDR’s ambitions and methods. What part of “No” don’t you understand?

I, for one, as a downtown merchant, want no further dealings with Mendocino County Tomorrow. Please leave us alone.

Update (thanks Sherry Glavich)

[As of November 10th, this is the top letter MCT presents on their website. I ask you… we want “help” from this crew? Ha! Democracy lives! -Dave]

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I could not agree with you more Dave. They still have a letter on their site titled “Ukiah Is An Armpit”. Why should we believe they have the best interest of our town at heart.