Dear Supporters of the Mendocino Art Center…


As you are probably aware, the Art Center is in crisis.  There are now new board officers and the following board members have resigned:  Brandt Stickel, Don McCullough, Dale Moyer, Cynthia Crocker Scott, and the wonderful Janis Porter.  The new officers of the BOD are:  Tom Becker, President and Treasurer, Richard Miller, 1st Vice President, Don Paglia, 2nd Vice President, and Leona Walden, Secretary, with Robert Burridge and Terry Lyon as members.

Of the six remaining board members, only one, maybe two, have seen the light and are not in support of the new executive director’s many ill-advised decisions.  This is an important juncture, because after the November 19th Board meeting, they won’t have another public meeting until the end of January. Important issues need resolution NOW!

If you are concerned and want to contact the MAC board of directors, here are their email addresses:

The Executive Director, Karen Ely’s email is:

Suggestion:  Consider ccing the board any emails sent to Ely.  Keeps everyone up to speed.

Let’s unify and save MAC.  We can do it!  Mark your calendars:  The next board meeting is November 19th at 2PM.  Hundreds of community members need to attend and voice their concerns.