Is this what we heard in the Monster Mall debate?

Redwood Valley

It is vital that voters inform themselves, register & vote in the coming election.

You can also help by passing this blog post link on to local friends and acquaintances.

A fairly painless way to inform ourselves on Measure A is to listen to any of the following audio recordings of radio broadcasts featuring the official spokespersons for both sides as well as questions from members of the public.

This morning’s (Friday) Access Show, presented by multi-term former Supervisor Norman DeVall, hosted another round of the Measure A debate and can be listened to online  here – one hour play time – Guests were former Supervisor Richard Shoemaker and Organic beef rancher Guiness McFadden representing SOLE/No on A and Mendocino County Tomorrow Executive Director Robin Collier, representing the Yes on A campaign committee.

The excellent half hour broadcast of Barry Vogel’s Radio Curious on KZYX, featured Mendocino County Tomorrow Executive Director Robin “Cheezecake Lady” Collier as guest. The number of times she responded with either “I don’t know” or “I can’t answer that” to questions from the host was staggering. Listen to an MP3 of the broadcast here.

Yesterday evening’s event at the Ukiah City Hall can be listened to here.

S.O.L.E. No on A Campaign

At tonight’s debate Jeff Adams of DDR revealed that he had secret meetings with at least two supervisors in which they “begged him” to not proceed with DDR’s application to re-zone the Masonite property before the November Supervisor’s election.

Mr. Adams also stated he had spoken with three supervisors. If this is in fact true then he and those supervisors violated the State of California’s Open Meeting laws otherwise known as the Brown Act. Brown Act violations may be prosecuted as felonies with steep fines or jail time.

These revelations about conspiring with sitting supervisors cast serious doubts on the central theme of DDR’s campaign that the county wouldn’t let them proceed with a re-zone application.  It appears that DDR chose to not proceed as a favor to the supervisors who supported their project and feared the application would damage the re-election chances of one supervisor up for re-election that favored DDR’s project.

Letters to the Editor Needed NOW!

If you have ever considered writing a letter to the editor about Measure A… NOW is the time.

Letters should be sent your local paper and our regional papers ASAP. It takes a couple of days before they get published so today, tomorrow and this weekend is when to write your letter.

If you need a little help, E-Mail the SOLE campaign office and we can assist you. We will also give you newspaper e-mail addresses and snail mail addresses.

The shorter the letter better in getting your message across. 200 words or less is good. Remember it won’t get read if it is too long or too involved. NOW IS THE TIME DON’T WAIT!

Save Our Local Economy- No On A (SOLE) is “The Home Team”

…and is a politically diverse group of Mendocino County citizens and who have organized to work for a “No” Vote on Measure A.


Letter to the Editor

Vote NO on A.
• It by-passes all CEQA requirements.  Read the 315 page ballot measure and see that the developers can do whatever they want out there, no matter what chaos it causes to the rest of us.
• The project has no water.   There is a well on the site, but the State has said DDR can’t pump it.  DDR is contesting this judgement, but the State said it for a reason: the well hasn’t been used for more than the State’s timeline of five years—using it could suck the wells downstream dry.
Protect us from these developers from Ohio: Vote NO.  We can do better.