Letter to the Editor: Measure A is not what it appears to be


To the Editor: Ukiah Daily Journal

What’s the big deal about rezoning a piece of land and maybe building a shopping center (and I do mean maybe)? The big deal is that by placing the rezoning issue on the ballot in the form of Measure A, the proponents of this charade are bypassing urban planning rationale. DDR, with its large campaign fund, is buying its way past the same planning and zoning process that you and I must conform to. Measure A, if passed, will set a precedent that we will all regret. Measure A is not about whether or not you or I like shopping centers. We have an abundance of vacant land zoned for commercial and retail use. Measure A is about letting DDR buy its way past the same procedures that you and I must go through. If Measure A passes, we will not be guaranteed more shopping choices. All that is guaranteed is that the Masonite land will become more valuable. At that point, the developer can either flip the property for a profit, or maybe some day build something on it, but who knows what.

All it takes is a few bucks to put an issue on the ballot, and I know a lot of people who may lend me a few million, unsecured of course, so that I can tear down my house in an R-1 zoned area and convert my land use to a pig farm. All I need to do is usurp the people you hired and elected to secure a rational land use plan. To heck with my neighbors, to heck with land use planning, to heck with my community. So please vote for my pig farm rezoning. I won’t let you down and I’ll even hire experts to convince you that we really need a pig farm. Just think how this will improve the tax base; and, as an additional bonus, I’ll create a lot of jobs, I’ll hire people to clean up the mess.

Please vote no on Measure A. It is not about more retail choices. It is about a corporation bypassing policies that we the people have put in place.