No On Measure A – Calendar of Important Events

From Save Our Local Economy (S.O.L.E)
Now through October 9th

October 5, Monday, 6:00 P.M. S.O.L.E. Town Hall Meeting, Saturday Afternoon Club, 107 N. Oak St, Ukiah

Guest commentators for Monday’s SOLE Town Hall Meeting include John Schaeffer of Real Goods,  Tim Owen Kennedy of Vital Systems and Tim Thornhill of Mendocino Wine Company with others to be announced.

This event is sponsored by the Ukiah Main Street Program, Real Goods Solar, the Solar Living Institute and Vital Systems.  The program will include a discussion  on Measure A as well as a period of audience questions.

The highlight of the evening will be the unveiling of a locally produced proposal of an alternative industrial use of the Masonite Site.

The proposal is based on successful similar developments around the country.  These developments range from basic industrial complexes to full blown “Green Technology Centers.”

Monday nights visual presentation will be followed by a panel discussion of the proposal its community benefits and as well as other uses of this valued industrial site.

For those who have questioned, “what can we do at the Masonite Site?”.  This proposal may be the first step in securing the future of our local economy.


October 8, Thursday, 7:00 P.M. Ukiah City Hall -DEBATE

Save Our Local Economy representatives Guinness McFadden and Richard Shoemaker will debate DDR’s Jeff Adams and MCT’s Robin Collier. Both sides will address questions from the audience in a give-and-take forum. This may be the only face-to-face public debate in this election.


October 9, Friday at 9:00 A.M. On KZYX & Z, 88.3, 90.7 & 91.5 FM _DEBATE?

Norman deVall has invited SOLE and DDR/MCT to participate in an on-the-air, one hour debate on the Access Show. SOLE has accepted, but at this time, DDR/MCT has not responded.

If DDR/MCT does not participate, the show will be dedicated to No On A and once again KZYX listeners will be able to ask questions about Measure A and hear some in-depth analysis about the measure and the myriad of special reports it has spawned.


75% of voters will be voting by mail ballot this election, so by October 9th those ballots will be in the homes of over 35,000 voters. These events in the first nine days of October are the best opportunity for undecided voters to get information and for “No” voters to sharpen your key points for talking to your firends, relatives and colleagues.

Save Our Local Economy- No On A (SOLE) is “The Home Team” and is a politically diverse group of Mendocino County citizens and who have organized to work for a “No” Vote on Measure A.

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