Another No on Monster Mall Sprawl

Redwood Valley

As a refugee of Southern California who moved steadily northward, I have seen dozens of small California cities turn into Anycity, CA over the last 50 years.

One of the great things about our county is that it has retained its rural qualities into the 21st Century. And our small cities here in our low population county have elected representatives who are easily approachable by the other citizens. Our cities are so small that it’s pretty likely that if you live in one of our county’s four cities, you know at least one of your City Council members. That’s because they go to your church, or you went to high school with them, or they coached your kid in soccer, or they live just down the block from you.

I have gotten to know several City Council members and a few county supervisors in the 22 years I have lived in our county. And I tend to trust them to have the best interests of our cities and our county at heart. It is important to notice that the City Councils of all four of our cities have voted to oppose Measure A, because it would create numerous problems and take away planning control and environmental review control from various local and state agencies. In addition, four of our five county supervisors are against Measure A for the same reasons.

Because Measure A seems like such a terrible idea for our county, we members of the Mendocino Environmental Center and the Cloud Forest Institute decided to put together an old fashioned teach-in to allow our friends and neighbors who may be undecided and confused about Measure A to come and learn more about it. We are calling the event the Rally for the Valley, and we have lined up some very credible speakers. Speaking will be two county supervisors and a former supervisor, a Ukiah City Council member, and some local business people. There will also be music, including The Broadcasters with their song, “Big Box Blues,” and information tables by various local organizations who have lots of ideas on how to improve our county without Measure A. And several of the folks who will be there have numerous reasonable ideas for manufacturing opportunities at the old Masonite property if it remains zoned “industrial.”

It’s all happening at the Alex Thomas Plaza between S. State and School Street in Ukiah. It will be on Saturday, Oct. 3 from 1 to 4 PM. You may want to come to the Farm Market there that morning and catch some of the Watershed Poetry events that are happening at the park in the AM, and then stay for the Rally for the Valley. It promises to be a positive afternoon, looking at some great possibilities for the Ukiah area and our county. If you can’t attend the Rally that day, it will be broadcast on the local FM station KMEC, 105.1, and hopefully on KZYX 91.5 or 90.7 as well.

And don’t forget to vote. Since there is not a lot on the ballots of this November 3rd election, the voter turn-out could be quite small. We think that if all the citizens who are against Measure A will make the effort to cast their vote, it will be defeated.