Depressed? The Drug Industry Hopes You Are

Acres USA

You may have seen in the papers recently that antidepressants are now the number 1 prescription drug in the United States, and the demand keeps skyrocketing each year. Over 30 million of us are now being numbed by drugs.

No wonder! Between the low-fat craze (the brain is 60 percent fat), the flood of omega 6 fat and trans fats, and vitamin D deficiency (approaching 100 percent of the population where we live), it’s going to happen! Mineral depletion is also known to be a major contributor to emotional imbalance. Then it’s excitotoxins (MSG and worse), heavy metals and other contaminants.

Combine that with all your children with ADHD, your job gone, your house spiraling down in value by the minute, crime in the nighborhood, the war and all else, it’s pretty inevitable. Doctors tend to prescribe these drugs like candy, and even people who are suffering from sadness or dislocation have a bottle of pills thrown at them as the M.D. hollers, “Next!” Once you are on the numbing drugs, it gets harder and harder to feel normal. Rampant and provocative TV ads for drugs remind you how easy it is to just pop a pill. It’s a black hole for many people who will never free themselves from being drugged.

Personally, if I ever feel the need to take prescription anti-depressants, I’m just going to start drinking city water and get all my antibiotics, hormones and brain chemicals in one glass!