Letters (2) to the Editor: Don’t Be Fooled


Mark Oswell recently professed his support for measure A in a very clear, straightforward letter. Unfortunately, nothing about Measure A is clear.

Mr. Oswell says the Mendocino Crossings project ”will provide much-needed road and traffic signal improvements on North State Street.” Yes — much work will need to be done if that project gets built. But read the fine print in DDR’s own document – the developers are not required to perform or pay for that work themselves. The taxpayers of Mendocino County will foot the bill.

Mr. Oswell says the project will provide “high-paying construction jobs.” Yes, it will. Temporary jobs, some of which may come from out of the area — which will then be replaced with mostly lowwage, dead end jobs and a retail development that will suck the life out of the surrounding communities. Instead, let’s think about utilizing this industrial-zoned land in a way that adds value to our county.

Increased tax revenues? Any additional revenue the County receives as a result of this project will come at the expense of the other jurisdictions in Mendocino County; plus, a giant chunk of it will continue to go toward addressing all the stresses (traffic, roads, public safety, water, etc.) this development would place on our county.

And that’s the problem with Measure A and all of DDR’s glossy propaganda — it looks like a great deal on the surface. Don’t be fooled.

I hear Mr. Oswell and lots of others complaining about the bureaucracy at the County and the City of Ukiah, but that’s a separate issue. Work to fix the system — don’t punish the taxpayers for it.

Vote No on Measure A.

Something Askew?


Do folks ever listen their own arguments and wonder “what was I thinking”? The current mailer I just received certainly made me go, ”What?”

“Mendocino County Considers Double-Digit Layoffs,” “Budget Pain at The County Far From Over,” “County Faces $8 Million Deficit.” “Supes look at Nightmare Budget” and other things that show a loss of tax money. Then the mailer states that approval of Measure A will bring $1.7 million in sales taxes into the coffers of Mendocino annually. Wow, what a way to sell an idea. You have the people pulling back and thereby reducing the tax dollars available and causing all sorts of budget shortages but it says if Measure A is passed the people will spend more because…? What, “If you build it they will come?” Isn’t there something askew with that idea?

[Thank you for voting NO ON MEASURE A MONSTER MALL to preserve our unique, locally-owned businesses, neighborly small town values, and livable human-scale communities. -DS]