Ukiah Mendocino: No on Measure A – Letter from Laytonville


[Hey DDR Slicksters! C’mon down from your castles and let’s get on with the debates! -DS]

To the Editor:
Ukiah Daily Journal

I recently received the Mendocino County Tomorrow (MCT) Open Letter (vote ‘yes’ on measure A) from Danny Rosales concerning the DDR vs. Mendocino County debacle (depending on which side of the issue it’s viewed from).

Mr. Rosales starts with the standard bag of worries by appealing to everyone’s fears about everything as a way of gaining a foothold in his argument. After almost a decade of that tactic, I grow weary of listening to that as the basis for discussion. Sure we are in hard economic times, but are Americans so afraid of challenges that we are willing place all our eggs in yet another big business basket? I hope that is not an accurate depiction of our society now.

Mr. Rosales states that the MCT vision statement “…is to promote responsible community growth…” How responsible is it to promote importing more millions of metric cubic tons of, essentially, garbage consumables from China and elsewhere? Aren’t our dumps full enough? Aren’t our storage units jammed full? Mr. Rosales goes on to parrot words like “sustainable.” Yeah, sustaining DDR and Big Box stores.

If DDR considers dealing with our county “…more difficult than climbing Mount Everest…”, then I don’t think much of DDR’s hand wringing and incapable staff. Could they even manage the whole thing well from here forward? DDR is the one with the big bucks to bash their way through any obstacle so why the whining? I guess we ‘little’ counties are the last redoubt of reason. Yeah!

Also, what certified foundation or university study cites the loss of $169 million in retail sales revenue? I am well familiar with self-interested conglomerates “massaging” the data to bolster arguments. I tend to not believe anything that is not verified by independent, impartial data.

In my opinion, the whole thing is not about a mall in Ukiah, California. It is about a fight to retain our county as it is! I can speak for myself, and perhaps others, when I say I don’t want to be Marin County North! Personally, I’d rather do without another bobble-head doll. It seems that the majority of people, who are flooding up here to avoid the mess of urban life, are attempting to drag all their habits and needs for more and more stuff with them. This is still the country, people. Please don’t pave it all over in your unsustainable image.

I have personally witnessed companies ram through their pet projects without county planning and building permission (“We’ll just photograph the work and submit the building department application later.”) I guess that because they had the bucks, they were allowed to do that. Therefore, as a citizen of this county, I should be allowed to do the same. DDR’s ploy smacks of the same intention: “Once we’re installed in there, who’s to toss us out?” Why don’t you outsiders wait as long as it takes for the county to line up their ducks and follow law and protocol? Must be irritating to watch all that revenue slip through your fingers, eh?

We all (most all) know that Big Box stores do not promote local small business. The fact that DDR & MCT are speaking out of the corners of their mouths when they say they support local small businesses should be evidence enough for thoughtful citizens, when they go to the booth, to vote no on Measure A.
Thanks to Steve Scalmanini