Ukiah: Save Our Local Economy (SOLE) Challenges Measure A Proponents to a Series of Debates

From Save Our Local Economy (SOLE)

September 3, 2009 Ukiah Valley, Mendocino County, North California

“Save Our Local Economy- No On A Campaign” challenges the “Yes On A Campaign,” Mendocino County Tomorrow and Jeff Adams of DDR to a series of face-to-face debates throughout Mendocino County over the course of the next month.

When asked to debate the issues nearly a year ago, DDR’s Jeff Adams told Citizen U coordinator Mary Anne Landis that DDR would debate when they DDR had their specific plan prepared.  That plan has been prepared and is now on the November ballot. “I certainly hope that Mr. Adams and Measure A proponents keep their promise. They have said they want to do what’s right for our community and that they believe in the American Democratic process, so let’s hear what they have to say, side by side a community member who disagrees with them.  Now is the time for DDR to show us their concern for our community by participating in public debates.” said Landis.

When asked about the challenge, SOLE spokesperson, Guinness McFadden, said, “The Citizens of Mendocino County have a right to a fair and open debate about the merits of Measure A, not staged and scripted town hall meetings.  Every major election in American history has included debates between the opponents.  Such face to face debates are American institutions generating great citizen interest and revealing the facts and issues to voters before an election.  SOLE is looking forward to an open and public discussion of the issues around the Measure A proposal.”

McFadden added, “There are a number of local organizations who would be happy to host such an event, in fact SOLE would gladly participate at the two events DDR has scheduled during September in Willits and Fort Bragg.”

Do I expect DDR to actually debate the Monster Mall in the best traditions of our democracy? I doubt it. They already refused  to engage in the first debate many months ago, and an empty chair represented them on stage while one of their lawyers in the audience scribbled furiously away on his yellow pad as our guy thoroughly trashed their points, one by one, with documented facts. The local elections that followed doomed their project, so they had to import outsiders to collect signatures under false pretenses to circumvent our local democracy, escape our environmental protections, and steal our water, with Measure A.

They are also trying to avoid our local democratic zoning procedures, so why would they become democratically responsive to our local citizens now? With all the money they are pouring into their carefully contrived, million dollar propaganda campaign, they have much to lose — their green-washed disinformation exposed, our much-better job opportunities presented — and very little to gain. And they realize debates will draw much larger crowds, to hear the issues and ask informed, embarrassing questions, than their slick “town halls.” I don’t think they want anything to do with that scenario.

Of course, with their big bucks, they could fly in some fancy, charming, silver-tongued super salesman to debate, but I doubt that will happen unless their polls show they are losing close to the election.

I sincerely hope they do debate the SOLE folks, because they’ll get their fannies kicked all the way back to Ohio and leave us in peace. But if they can’t control every detail to their advantage, they want nothing to do with us local yokels except to take our money to pay for their obscenely lavish lifestyles playing polo on manicured lawns, while they trumpet 700 poverty-level jobs in their Monster Mall stocking shelves with Chinese-manufactured crap in Big Box hell… the most boring, low-paying, unchallenging, exploitative, thankless, faceless, stupid jobs in the universe… and they are proud of their largesse!

That is what Measure A proponents are asking us to vote for.

Mendocino County has taken on Big Buck shysters before and they rued the day they ever set foot in our county. The  international bio-tech industry came in here and out-spent us 7 -1. But people overcame money.

This is our place. We will again.


Yeow Dave! That’s what I want to hear!! Mendocino’s rich history of butt-kicking shall not
be denied!
Over here on the Coast, getting signatures and tellin’ the truth, we are! NO ON A!
The coast Demos are having a dinner/meeting concerning NOA on Sept 17th. starting @ 5:30. You are cordially invited… Sups. Smith-Colfax and Atty Steven Antler will speak, discussion to follow…Dinner is $10. Contact the Demos @

Yeah Nancy–

Big corporations that try to buy their way into the county deserve a swift kick–out.

If anyone wants to do some work to defeat these seekers of coprprate welfare (DDR) please email and put your hands and money into an important and winable battle on Nov. 3rd.