Wait just a minute! (Answer to UDJ Letter to the Editor)


July 21, 2009 Ukiah Valley, Mendocino County, North California


Wait just a minute!

I don’t mind being called “ignorant” or being accused of trying to scare people “just like Bush and Cheney” or that I “want to be Amish” (Letter to Editor: What’s wrong with Capitalism? UDJ 7/20/09 – see below). But when someone who lives in Lower Lake comes over here and calls Downtown Ukiah “an armpit” — that’s just going too far!

It’s especially offensive during these hot, hundred plus temperatures when everyone is doing their best to stay cool. After all, we in Mendoland don’t have the ability, like Lake County folks, to take those crisp, clean dips in Clear Lake algae water to stay freshened up and re-fragranced!

But it was only when I read on and found “please people (sic), quit whining about marijuana” that I realized the writer had mistaken the aroma of our number one crop, now maturing on the landscape and in boarded-up houses, for our personal lack of good hygiene.

Can’t we import some Monsanto scientists to genetically modify our main crop with some aromatherapy oils? It could save our personal reputations, not to mention our tourist industry… tourists must think we’re just a bunch of yokels and hippies up here who don’t bathe!

Who knew?

What’s wrong with capitalism?

MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009
Ukiah Daily Journal
To the Editor:

Dave Smith and all the people who think big box stores are so bad because they send local money overseas are ignorant. Let me explain the cycle of selling widgets. Someone makes a widget, someone buys that widget at a lower price than they in turn sell it for. Someone else may consume that widget or resell it again. If you don’t make a profit you will not be able to buy or sell anymore widgets. It’s called capitalism and every store, local, or international does this, just the big boys do it better.

Also, every penny anyone ever spends anywhere gets filtered back to the government. Once you move a dollar around to 10 people the money is gone. The Government has taxed it all the way to nothing and then recycled it into bombs to provide the true fuel of our economy, the military industrial complex.

Speaking of the government, Dave Smith rhetoric sounds just like Bush and Cheney, trying to scare people into his ideology. And please people, quit whining about marijuana. Agricultural exports are good. It brings in money from outside our county. What we should be doing is subsidizing local pot growers to undercut all the growers from outside our area, like we do with corn, milk, soy beans etc… There is a lot to be learned from artificial trade imbalances.

Look around you. Downtown Ukiah is an armpit. It’s the same it’s been for 20 years. By keeping the population down, there is no growth in business. No business can survive if they can’t cover the cost of living increases.

Just because Dave Smith wants to be Amish doesn’t mean other people should follow him. I want to pay less for a better product. If that’s a local place then great, but I welcome some competition and you should to as it is why we aren’t all still living in mud huts. Oh wait, I guess some people still are.

(Name withheld by UB)
Lower Lake

One Comment

Cheeky. But keep driving the point home. It’s not a anti-mall campaign. It’s an anti-rezoning campaign. There’s plenty of room for shopping already planned. There’s room for all the shopping Mendonesians could ever hope for over by the airport. Why turn a prime industrial site into more shopping?

I’m also finding it curious that Ukiah promoters love to cite that Ukiah was voted the number one small town to live in…in 1996? What happened in thirteen years for us to lose that distinction?