Monster Mall Ukiah: Another Snake Oil Letter to the Editor


July 13, 2009 Ukiah Valley, Mendocino County, North California

Editor – Ukiah Daily Journal:

In her letter to the editor titled Still Shopping in Santa Rosa (UDJ Sunday, July 12) a writer asks “Why is Ukiah so afraid of allowing this town to grow?” and then proceeds to cheer the Masonite Monster Mall Big Box Stores. She states “If we don’t let a few of them in, then we will have to go to Santa Rosa to shop and spend our hard earned money, it won’t be spent in Ukiah.” This argument continues to be put forward in the paper even though it continues to be countered with facts. This is the old Big Lie tactic of repeating falsities over and over, hoping to win over those who are not paying close attention.

OK, I’ll counter it again. The City of Ukiah is not afraid of growing. It has set aside properly zoned land in the City for more retail stores. They recently purchased even more land for retail. That is where retail for Ukiah and the surrounding area belongs, with its appropriate requirements of environmental, design, and traffic impact reviews and requirements. The Masonite site should not be rezoned for retail because it is properly zoned for green industrial, better-paying jobs, which the Obama administration is intent on helping us create.

Just the facts, ma’am.
Image Credit: Evan Johnson
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I respectfully disagree- the Masonite site has been vacant far too long for me to believe there’s any hope of some Corporate White Knight willing to put a plant of any kind in there, green or otherwise. I will be voting YES on the Mall because I want the ability to spend my money locally and help my Community economically and have been dissatisfied with the high prices and lack of inventory offered by local independent businesses.

    Responding to Airhead: 1. Please see Obama’s initiatives to build green businesses all over the country. 2. Spending your money at corporate-owned business is NOT spending your money locally. Please take a few minutes and educate yourself about mall economics by clicking on the articles combined here. 3. You are not helping our local community economically as your money supports slave labor wages in other countries that have replaced good union jobs here at home. See above link. Dave