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From BookTV

June 17, 2009 Ukiah, Mendocino County, North California

You no longer need a TV to watch BookTV. has been redesigned for viewers. Visit their new site and discover the following new features…

  • More user-friendly and intuitive
  • Easier to search for and watch videos through “search” function and video player on the front page
  • Provides users with an option to bookmark and share pages on popular social media websites (click the orange plus sign under the search bar)
  • Streams Book TV programming LIVE

The new has easy-to-navigate sections where you can watch video, view and print the schedule, learn about book festivals, and find news about books and the publishing world. Additionally, in order to accommodate the growing number of online video viewers, the “search” function–which links directly to the Book TV archives–is readily visible at the top of the home page. Stop by and check it out.

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Why Fiction Matters

From Dave Pollard

Fiction enables us to imagine possibilities. The power of such imagination and realization is transformative. As I’ve said before, if we can’t imagine (what is really going on, that we can’t see directly), we can do anything (including tolerate factory farms, the abuse of spouses and children, atrocities in prisons and foreign wars, etc.) Once we can imagine, through powerful writing, what is really happening, we cannot sit by and let it happen. We are propelled to change our thinking and then our behaviour. And we can also become aware of things we might love, things we might be good at, things that are needed that we care about, and hence discover what we are meant to do in our lives, that, without such stories, we might never have realized.

…a good story is one that draws our attention to something important we hadn’t noticed. Much as the job of the media, according to Bill Maher, is to make what’s important interesting, the job of the story-teller is to draw our attention to things we wouldn’t normally consider or look at — sometimes even things we shudder to think about… Read whole post

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And… sometimes fiction is more accurate than history. Remember, most of history is written by the winners.