Rep. Mike Thompson? Listen up!


June 15, 2009 Ukiah, Mendocino County, North California

Dear Ones,

I have been admonished by my daughter to error on the side of politeness via the Internet, however because of the following true story, I am crossing the line.

An analysis I saw months ago suggested the only way the US would confront health care reform (as in having a CHOICE about where to get coverage instead of the insurance cartel) was by taking it to the streets. My step towards the street:

Mike Thompson, our dear elected official & a moderate Demo, said outside a business meeting in Fort Bragg to the 20+ constituents requesting his signing onto HR 676 that “there is not enough public support for Single Payer Health Care. If there were 2,000 of you here, that would be public support.”

NOTE: congressional people have the very best health FOR LIFE insurance in the world.

I called his DC office 202 225-3311 with an identification then:

“I want you to report to Mike Thompson that a very strong message came from a constituent concerning his not signing onto Single Payer Health Care. The exact words I would like you to convey to him are “get your f***ing signature on that bill.”

“Did I say that politely?”

“Yes, anything else?”

“Yes, thank you. I will work to pull his & every other member of congress’s health insurance until the citizens of the US have single payer.”

Another little pebble in the David & Goliath story—

Thank you & Best Regards to you & yours,

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