When Whiners Whine About Whining Whiners

From Letters To The Editor
Anderson Valley Advertiser 6/3/2009

Tourist Alert

To The Editor:

To any tourists who just happens to be in Mendocino County this time of the year I say welcome to whine country. Not “wine” country as in a good grade of Ripple, but “whine” country, as in the sound made by the constantly complaining Mendocino County Progressives. I truly believe that these progressives were dyed in the wool brats who got anything and everything they wanted by continuously whining at their parents until they did, and I think they feel that this type of behavior should be just as successful for them as adults as it was when they were children.

I know that I am not the only one who is growing weary of this constant carping. But, as usual, out of adversity rises opportunity. I think I’ll go into the earplug business and I can make a bloody fortune selling plugs to others who are as fed up listening to the whining progressives as I am.

[Name witheld by UB]



The author paints with such broad strokes, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start here: What are you talking about?

Just Progressives, Dave? I thought you might be referring to the rhymin’ Republicans who think a good rhyme makes for good sense.