Mendocino’s Local Economy: Weed, Wine, Wood, and Water


May 29, 2009 Ukiah, Mendocino County, North California

This interactive map at Slate shows job losses by county from January 2006 to present. You can watch in horror as the careless greed of the Masters of the Universe race across the U.S. “bombing” jobs month-by-month, obliterating everything in its path.

Meanwhile, many of us here in Mendocino County have to spend our precious time fighting off the death throes of a thrashing DDR dinosaur, trying to squeeze out one last political perversion before dropping permanently into the black hole of consumerist history. Instead, we should be rebuilding our county economy, based on localizing renewable energy and organic/biodynamic agriculture.

Yesterday on Democracy Now, Eduardo Galeano, author of The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent, the book Chavez gave to Obama, had this to say:

There is a new energy, which is not new at all. I think that history never ends. Some histories inside history have no happy ends, unhappy ends. But history doesn’t end. She’s a stubborn lady, and she goes on walking, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing. But it never ends. When histories say goodbye, history is really saying, “See you. See you later. See you soon.” So this is like a subterranean river, who went on flowing and nowadays is reappearing with a very important energy coming from people…

I have an engineer friend of mine who said, “Lo único que se hace desde arriba son los pozos,” “The only thing that you can make from up to down are holes.” And it’s true. All the other things are made, are created from the bottom. And that’s the way it’s going to be done, and it’s already going on in several Latin American countries, which is good news, indeed, for the world…

…I would be glad if Obama and all the USA progressive governors or people here begin to change the word—the word “leadership” by the word “friendship,” because leadership implies the resistance in someone over, above the other ones. And in the real human relationships, the real ones are horizontal, not vertical; solidarity instead of charity…

We here at Ukiah Blog have been offering alternatives to the economic world that is dying: from creating new small businesses at the Masonite site to minimizing the global economy’s disastrous effect on our little island of paradise by banking and sharing our time, and creating and circulating our own money.

From the plants in the ground, to the fruit on the vines, to the trees in the forest, to the ocean on the coast, we have the renewable, sustainable, natural resources to build a local economy if shared, not hoarded; if conserved, not pillaged; if localized, not plundered by occupiers.

Who is listening? Who is acting?