Masonite Monster Mall – Letters to the Editor


May 18, 2009 Ukiah, Mendocino County, North California


A recent letter to the Ukiah Daily Journal 5/15/09 decries the “lack of logic” and “emotional arguments” of anti-Monster Mall citizens, saying that “All these objections disappear when the same stores are proposed inside Ukiah’s City Limits and are not objectionable at all. Pure hypocrisy.”

Citizens oppose bad projects for many different reasons. Some of us oppose any big-box or chain store to save our local economy and downtown merchants; others oppose the Monster Mall at the Masonite site to save our best industrial land for good-paying jobs; and still others oppose it because there is land already set aside for retail stores in town.

As a self-described, life-long developer, the letter writer knows perfectly well that our opposition is by a united coalition of diverse interests.

Nothing at all hypocritical about that.