Letters to the Editor – Masonite Monster Mall


5/4/09 Ukiah, Mendocino County, North California

Alternative to rezoning Masonite

In a letter to the Ukiah Daily Journal (5/3/09), two Manchester residents said they would love to see a Costco in Ukiah. Now, when they go to Costco in Santa Rosa they said they also shop at Friedman’s, Home Depot and Wal-Mart. Their shopping does not benefit Mendocino County, but it could.

They would do their shopping in Ukiah, they wrote, if there was a Costco.

What if Costco located in the current Airport commercial mall, with Friedman’s, Wal-Mart and with Home Depot close by?

Costco, the City of Ukiah, and the owner of the Airport commercial mall could work this out to benefit not only themselves but all county shoppers. Furthermore, that’s good planning because it would use the existing commercially zoned land. The Masonite site could remain zoned for industry.

Why not do it?


Masonite Not About Costco

Julie Simental in her letter to the editor (UDJ 4/20 responding to my letter against the Masonite Monster Mall) has either not done her homework, or is purposefully misleading citizens. By hanging her argument for supporting the mall around “we could have a Costco right here in Ukiah,” she does a disservice to our community.

In numerous letters to the editor and opinions in the UDJ, it has been well-documented that Costco was about to close a deal with the City of Ukiah for building on land already designated for retail in the city. Costco withdrew their plan when they were offered a deal by DDR to build on the Masonite site, even though that site is not zoned for retail. I daresay walls would already be going up for a Costco store in Ukiah by now if that had not happened.

Personally, I do not support any more big box stores in our area for all the reasons I’ve stated [in other letters]. But, please. Can we put the Costco canard to rest?


Former Grand Juror May 4, 2009 at 4:29 pm

Whether the county residents like it or not, we MUST develop tax revenue streams to support the social services we have all come to expect in this county. It is estimated that the Retirement fund (alone) will bankrupt the county in less than 10 years.

    There is a new reality. We will no longer be a society driven by consumer culture. There is peak oil, and climate change. What we MUST do is adapt to a new reality of sustainability or there will be no “we”.