Please take 3 seconds to vote on Obama’s First Hundred Days (Updated 4/28, poll over)


Update 4/28 – We had pulled even in the counts when they took it off their site, and it’s not the 100th day yet. We’ll see how they use it.  Thanks, and way to go! They had a huge head start on us, but we caught them and were headed to a win. ~DS

4/20/09 Ukiah, Mendocino County, North California

MSNBC has a poll up about the President’s job so far for the first 100 days. Take a look. The opposition is flooding it with “F” votes. You go vote:

Send this link to everyone you can. Our President needs our help. His 100 day mark is approaching fast.

Despite my own questions about some of his decisions, I’m supporting the guy 100%.

It is up to us, the grassroots, to support him while letting him know what we like and don’t like about his choices, and put the pressure on him and our representatives in this imperfect democracy that we have. If you think he’s given the technocrats enough time to fix the banks, tell him that the financial clowns have run their course, that the hard choices they are trying to avoid have got to be made, and to get people in there who can do it or do it himself.

It’s so easy to stand back and take pot shots when he doesn’t do everything as we had hoped… but he’s doing some pretty amazing things, and when he needs our support, like this — even when it’s a bullshit poll meaning nothing — we need to give it to him.

C’mon! Flood that sucker with A’s!!

Update 4/27/09

Neck and neck!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve made up a lot of ground! Now let’s pull ahead! GObama GO!!!

You can vote once PER COMPUTER.

Keep them A’s coming!!!


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The site is not working right. I voted, and others I encouraged, voted, but the votes are not counting. Someone needs to tell them the site is not working right.

    Hi Poetry,

    We are within 3 percentage points of overtaking the “F” voters, when several days ago we were 20 percentage points behind. Thanks!!

    Dave Smith

I vote 100% for Pres.Obama aW00%