If you’ve signed the Masonite Monster Mall petition in error, you can un-sign it!

From Janie Sheppard

Apr 12, 2009, Ukiah, Mendocino County, North California

Un-sign yourself. Please spread the word . . . lots of people are really confused.

Dave will have forms available at Mulligan Books during store hours (11-6) to sign, and I will pick them up and take to the County Clerk.

According to the Ukiah Daily Journal:

Those who believe they have signed their names to a ballot petition in error recently can have their signatures removed, provided they provide paperwork to the county before the petitioners get there first, said Assessor/Clerk/Recorder Sue Ranochak on Friday.

“As long as we receive the written requests before the signatures get here that will work,” she said.

Ranochak said Section 103 of the California Elections Code covered the procedure voters could follow should they wish their names stricken from the record.

“Any voter who has signed an initiative, referendum or recall petition pursuant to the constitution or laws of this state shall have his or her signature withdrawn from the petition upon filing a written request therefor with the appropriate county elections official or city elections official prior to the day the petition is filed,” stated the code.

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