Ukiah Farmers’ Market Saturday 3/28/09

From Scott Cratty
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Friends of the Farmers Market,

Greetings.  As of this moment the Weather Channel is predicting a sunny 75 degree day for this Saturday’s farmers’ market.  If you have been sitting out the off-season market so far, this is a great chance to start getting back into shape for the summer.

The fish selection started to broaden last week.  Given the mild weather this week, I would expect a good range of options again this week.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Mendocino Organics has started vending in the back Southern corner of the pavilion.

Saturday will be your last chance in the off-season market to catch Jerry Krantman’s eclectic acoustic originals and cover tunes at the Saturday Farmers’ Market.  Hopefully we can find a date that works for Jerry in the summer season as well.

My column in the UDJ this coming Friday delves into the complexities of determining if and when to let distant farms sell at our market.  To take the issue a bit further, I thought I would invite you to share your thoughts about whether we should invite Neufeld Farm, the vendor who has been bringing dried fruits to the winter market, to keep coming during the regular season. Neufeld’s production in is Kingsberg CA, a bit south of Fresno.  So, the fruit is coming a fairly long way. Their production in the summer would include fresh fruits, some of which (like peaches) would overlap with local sources and some of which would not.  If you care to, please share your opinion.

Now for this week’s educational installment, here is a bit from the TimesOnline/UK forwarded by Friends of the Market member Terry Nieves.

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Food

How the authors of the new Rough Guide to Food lost their appetites for the

food industry.

by George Miller and Katharine Reeve

A surprise consequence of writing a book about food was that we lost our appetite. A month in, we realised we had underestimated just how devastating the effects of our industrial food systems are on our health, animal welfare, climate change and the earth’s resources.

Thankfully, a few trips to some farmers markets with their good news story of artisan baking, handmade cheeses and fresh-from-the-ground veg offered the escapism we needed and helped provide a sense of perspective.

Food, lies and red tape

Overwhelmingly we found that most of us simply don’t know much about food, having grown up knowing only supermarkets. In our confusion we are at the mercy of food manufacturers’ aggressive marketing campaigns, especially for highly profitable “healthy” foods.

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In the 5-4-09 issue of UDJ it says twice that Neufelf (sic) farms sells organic cherries – they are not listed with CCOF, nor with the Sonoma County market as organic. Is this a misconception by the reporter, Carole Brodsky? We should teach her the difference between a ‘Certified Grower” (anyone who is in California) and a Certified ORGANIC Grower”. Otherwise we do a dis-service to those who chose the risky, more difficult task of growing organically.

    I checked with Scott Cratty who manages the farmers market and you are correct.

    I sent the following to K. C. Meadows at the Ukiah Daily Journal along with your comment: I checked with Scott, and Gregg is right. There is a difference between a “Certified” grower, and a “Certified Organic” grower. I think the “Certified” signs that are displayed are purposefully done to confuse, unfortunately.

    Scott may write about this in an upcoming column, and the article author Carole Brodsky has also responded with thanks for being informed of the error.

    Dave Smith