Healing The Mind – Thom Hartmann

From Dave Smith

Don’t let the lightweight title, cover, and page-count fool you. This is a breakthrough book, and not just another self-help, happy-talk rip-off. This book can stand proudly next to the most academic 500-page Psychology tome, and replace much of the pop Psychology pap moldering on our bookshelves.

To be open to something so important, one first has to know who the author is, what he stands for, and why he can be trusted. I’ve read several of Thom Hartmann‘s books, and listened to his daily progressive radio program numerous times. I can only state emphatically: This is a gifted man we can trust. No woo-woo here. He’s the real deal.

The basics of the book are these:

1. Our bodies are self-healing if we feed it the right food and exercise it properly under the right conditions. Shouldn’t our minds and emotions also be self-healing?

2. Rhythmic, bilateral movement is the way we’ve healed ourselves from traumatic, psychological wounds for hundreds of thousands of years. But until now, we didn’t know how it worked.

3. Quote: “Bilaterality is the ability to have the right and left hemispheres of the brain fully functional and communicating with each other.”

4. Freud’s early, very successful work was based on Bilaterality techniques, but after some unfortunate, sensationalistic historical events, as detailed here, he was forced to abandon it for mostly unsuccessful “talk-therapy” methods. Freud tried, but failed, for years to find an equally-successful technique. This history is crucial to our understanding of why psychotherapy evolved the way it did.

5. Devastating events can haunt a person’s every waking moment for years. Some suffer war-caused “post traumatic stress disorders,” or allow a loved-one’s untimely death to ruin their lives… while others are able to move on. Just as we’ve learned to transform our physical health by eating organic food, exercising, and drinking pure water, now we know how to consciously bring ourselves back to a healthy mental state.

6. This discovery comes from Hartmann’s own training, observations and experiments, with dramatic results illustrated by case studies and testimonials.

7. Hartmann details a simple, five step self-therapy technique to use while walking.

8. Bilateral therapy has also been used by humans for less-traumatic problem solving, creativity, and motivation. Now we can train ourselves to use it consciously.

This book deserves a wide readership and word-of-mouth advocacy… especially to those whose lives have been darkened by tragedy.

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Thanks! I have listened to Thom before and agree that he is the real deal. I also suffer from PTSD, walk daily and have had EMDR therapy(bilateral eye movement) as part of my therapy so when I saw this I immediately ordered it. Thanks again.


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