Ukiah Farmers’ Market Saturday 2/28/09

From Scott Cratty

2/26/09, Ukiah, Northern California

Friends of the Farmers’ Market,

Greetings.  The latest forecast for Saturday is “Cloudy with a few showers” and a balmy (for winter) 61 degrees.  Once again perfect weather for keeping your vegetables fresh, so make sure you remember to get to the market … and come early.  The crowds have been falling off sharply after noon and many of our vendors are getting into the habit of packing up a bit early.  So, if you arrive right at 1 pm you may find your favorite vendor already pulling out.  Next season we will close the winter market at noon.

I do not expect any significant changes this week relative to last. The Fords will again be absent (it is the second and final week of their vacation) and The Apple Farm will probably not be back for another week.  Otherwise you can expect the same great array of vendors.

Thanks to all for making our first winter market so successful.

Check Friday’s UDJ for the exciting conclusion of the Tale of Two Chickens.

On to your weekly dose of local food news

Holly found this nice blog called Organic on a Budget. When I looked last week there was a list of tips for getting the best food at the best price.  Care to guess what is #1 on the list?  If you guessed shopping at the farmers’ market, you are correct.

– The Anderson Valley Foodshed Group is preparing the republish the excellent Mendocino  County Local Food Guide that they created in 2007. It will be updated with producers who were not included before, as well as new info from those previously included.  If you are aware of any county food producers that were not included before please ask them to drop me a note so that I can forward the survey for the new edition.

Ron Epstein passed along the following link to an interesting interview about commercial juice.  It turns out that juice in cartons may not be as fresh as you think: What you’re really pouring from that carton of orange juice

– In case you just cannot get enough information about local food and small farms, you can check out the Organic Consumers Union‘s new farmer TV. The episodes explore the business of small family farms, and the health benefits derived from eating organic, not to mention the economic benefits to the community from supporting local farms.  So far there are two of these half-hour programs.  Watch how one family starts up their own small farming operation from scratch. In the second episode, watch how a group of people begin volunteering one day per week when they start getting involved helping out at a local sustainable farm.  This Friends of Farmers episode does a good job of recapping the spectrum of reasons for supporting local food farms.  It is at: Organic Consumers Union

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