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February, 2009 No-Brainer:  Use a Little Less Water at the Faucet

About 15% of your total home water use is at the faucet.  And about 73% of that is hot water.  Did you know that just a little thoughtfulness while using your faucet can save half of that water?  And much of this isn’t even painful.  All you have to do is remember to turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving.  So here’s the challenge.  Agree to try out the 5-second rule at your kitchen and bathroom faucets this month.  This means you’ll remember to let the water run for only 5 seconds at a time, and you’ll win $10 in the time it takes you to type an email.  If you take a picture of your faucet with a reminder sign next to it, we’ll put you into a drawing for $50.

See link below for official rules and instructions.  Challenge ends February 28, 2009.

Link:  February, 2009 No-Brainer

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and Water for People and Nature: The Story of Corporate Water Privatization

Image: Hat tip to Evan Johnson


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