Her name is Polly…

From Annie Esposito

Her name is Polly (on the right above with Terri Lynn McCartney) and her boss gives her the freedom to take off time to go to the Ford Street Project three days a week to feed people. Sometimes Terri Lynn will jump in to give her a hand making dinner for 60 or so people.  An entirely different group shows up for lunch.

Polly sees a gap in services for feeding the homeless and has been trying to plug it.  People using the shelter must check in at 5 and the rule is you can’t leave the shelter once you’ve checked in. Even if you could, it would entail walking the two miles to Plowshares to get a meal – then walking two miles back for shelter.

Polly would like to see better coordination of programs.  She also says that the foodbank has to buy food from the better known Plowshares program – rather than having food donated directly to their own food services.  She will be talking to people about a more efficient flow for the needy in our community.  In the mean time, Polly’s on duty with her pot and ladle.


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