Tree News from Friends of Gibson Creek


From Linda Sanders
Friends of Gibson Creek

Tree Friends-

On  December 17, 2008 the City Council chambers packed with students from the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas and members of Compassion for Animals, Respect for the Earth (CARE) voiced their request for changing the language in the existing animal related code from owner to guardian. The tree protection supporters voiced their support of a city tree

Council briefly discussed the benefits of a tree committee versus commission and decided to re-agendize Tree Ordinance, Tree
Commission or Tree Committee, Existing Policies and Recommendations and Plans for sometime in March. City staff created the 12/17 agenda item that listed nine competing interests for the 12/17 meeting, of course it placed us at a disadvantage in vying for the Council’s attention. Council voted 4-1 for changing the animal regulation language to guardian. Tree protection will take time.

Do come to the Planning Commission meeting on 1/14/08.


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