Solstice Renewal

From Jeff Cox over at

After holding my six week old granddaughter in my arms this afternoon, I had a revelation about Christmas. All my life, I thought the celebration was about the arrival of the redeemer in the form of a particular baby 2,000 years ago. But today I realized that there’s a larger context to the Christmas story.

Looking at the sleeping baby in my arms, I saw that every baby has the potential to be a redeemer. Every newborn could grow to become a savior. Each new baby is a blank slate on which may be written a deep and meaningful story. Every baby should have three kings come to worship him or her, and give that baby precious gifts. Who knows who that little person is, or will become? Every newborn is a renewal of the pledge of life: that we will grow stronger and better and more valuable than ever before. And all that hope is wrapped tightly in the body and soul of a newborn babe.

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