Feedback to Obama from Ukiah

From Annie Esposito and Steve Scalmanini

There is a local group forming to send feedback to the incoming administration – as is happening with other groups around the country.  Antonia Juhazs, author of “The Tyranny of Oil,” encouraged people to do this when she spoke in Ukiah recently.  For more information, contact  ruth at

A half dozen to a dozen people gather in front of the court house every Friday from 5 to 6 pm, to urge world peace upon the rush hour traffic.  They report that over the span of time they’ve been there with their anti-war signs, approval rating has continued to climb with more honking and ‘right ons.’   But there was a disturbing change after Obama won the election.  They received racist slurs from several passers-by for the first time.  The overall reaction of the drivers and pedestrians, however, continues to be positive.

Meanwhile there is a new website Obama Watch – put together by Redwood Valley resident Jim Houle.  He is running short reality checks comparing what Obama has promised with what he is doing – both the Beautiful and the Ugly.   Houle also welcomes contributions to the site – but no windy editorials, please.  It’s at and you can contact Jim at And we can celebrate escaping the reign of a President Palin:  The local Democrats will hold a Mendocino version of the Inaugural Ball.  That will  be at the fairgrounds in Ukiah January 20th, 7 pm.  The Democrats will dance while a 65″ screen above the band shows the Ball in DC.  It’s evening attire and costs $35 (to benefit the Mendocino County Democratic Central Committee).  Contact for information – they think it will sell out.


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