Tree ordinance City Council tonight 6:30pm

From Linda Sanders
Friends of Gibson Creek

Tree Friends,
Tonight at City Hall near 6:30 pm the Tree Ordinance is the second item on the agenda, see Unfinished Business Item 10a (See City Council Agenda).  Vice Mayor Baldwin says that our item should come up quickly. Friends of Gibson Creek will be asking Council to appoint a tree commission to work on a tree ordinance in 2009, using the City of Davis’ Tree Program as a model for Ukiah . We will also be requesting that all tree activity on City property follow the current policies and procedures that were adopted by city council back in 1994.

Bruni Kobbe’s well written letter to the editor appeared in yesterdays UDJ to highlight the many benefits of the urban canopy.  Thanks Bruni, and to all of you for doing your part on behalf tree protection and healthy communities.     Your support tonight is really important!


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