Draft General Plan Update info

Anna Taylor, Anderson Valley, passes this along:

Comment letters received in response to the Draft General Plan Update and Draft Environmental Impact Report documents are available for review on the Planning Team Website.  Attachments, including attached letters, are included although not separately listed. Email addresses have been blacked out. The comment period for inclusion of each comment and response within the Draft Final Environmental Impact Report began with the release of the Draft General Plan Update on July 21, 2008; the Draft EIR on September 18, 2008; the subsequent comment period ending on November 18, 2008.

To view the letters, go to www.co.mendocino.ca.us/planningteam.  Go to “What’s New” on the homepage, or to the “Master Calendar” on the General Plan Update page.

For assistance in accessing this information, please telephone the Planning Team at (707) 467-2569.

Sally Palacio
Administrative Assistant
Mendocino County Planning Team


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