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The Saturday Walking Group’s 20th Birthday

From Janie Sheppard
Mendocino County

The Saturday Walking Group is almost 20 years old.  This enthusiastic group meets every single Saturday morning at the Redwood Health Club (membership NOT required) to carpool to the intersection of Boonville and Robinson Creek roads.  From there the group walks, rain (well, mostly) or shine, about 3 miles up Robinson Creek Road and turns around.

It’s not boring:  every week is different.  Maybe there are wildflowers, a Pileated woodpecker, a screaming hawk, deer, snow, a gushing creek, a dry streambed, tiny fish, or a turtle.  This is a social group as well: talk turns to grandchildren, children, politics, books, movies and food.  Almost always, there is an appetite-stimulating discussion of food.

The pictures tell the story…

Here is the fearless leader, Vic Crosetti, who uses his keen organizing skills to keep track of the mileage walked each week.  He is a race walking instructor and will give anyone who shows up lessons on this knee-saving form of locomotion.  Vic figures that collectively the group has walked 45,000 miles; he figures he has walked 6,000.  Coordinating with fellow walker and statistician, Al Bellon, they post each walker’s mileage in order of miles walked. The list is posted on the wall of the Health Club along with several pictures.

The group leaves the Health Club at 8:30 a.m.  From left to right: Sue, Judy, Claudia, Vic, Laura, Al, Burgess, and Janie. The composition changes every Saturday, with Vic the most consistent walker.  Sometimes, walkers go directly to the Robinson Creek-Boonville Roads intersection, where there is a parking lot.

Left to right are Glenda, Judy (with Heidi), Joy, Claudia, Laura, Burgess, Lois, Sue, Al, Jerry, and Vic.

At the turn around, under a Madrone tree loaded with berries.That would be Judy with Jerry, Al, Lois and Vic.

Sometimes the scenery is breathtaking.  Saturday, January 3.

The only requirement for membership in this select group is to show up at the Health Club on a Saturday morning a few minutes before 8:30 a.m.  See you there!

  1. Nicely written and lovely pics. of me and the dogs.
    Thanks for your work.

  2. how can I not like it!! great job janie

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