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Greetings Friends of the Market

From Scott Cratty

Roots of Change is urging people to sign onto the petition at Food Democracy Now, which urges President-Elect Obama to nominate a Secretary of Agriculture who will be a strong advocate for family farms and sustainable practices.  Check it out and join in if you agree. You might also be interested in signing the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture. Roots of Change is starting a campaign to have this petition at every farmers’ market in the state … we will probably have it available at the Ukiah market soon in case you would rather sign on paper.

Apple Pressing!  If all goes well we will have an apple pressing at Saturday’s market.  The good folk at the Anderson Valley farmers’ market have agreed to loan us their press so that we can try juicing some apples here.  Doug Mosel plans to bring it with him, along with some apples from The Apple Farm to test with.  We could still use a couple of large stainless pans to catch the juice and a large funnel.  Bring ‘em if you have ‘em … along with some of your own apples to press.  Also, if you would like to take some juice home, please bring your own glass jar.  Should be fun.

Tis’ the season and at least five new craft vendors have contacted me asking to join the market this Saturday.  Should be a great opportunity to round out your holiday shopping.  You can keep your gifts and your greens local all at the same place.

As it is expected to be a bit chilly, I am saying the fingers of our local musicians and skipping the live music.  But, we will be spinning some local CDs on the boom box.  Remember, the chilly weather will just help keep your produce in great shape … so come on out to the market and get it.

For those of you who are not in the Mendocino Organics CSA, I understand that they may have some kale and beet greens available for sale this weekend.

See you at the market.


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