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A day at Ukiah’s Farmers Market

From Janie Sheppard

Today’s Ukiah market at Alex Thomas Plaza was beautiful. Because this is one of those “a picture is worth a thousand words” topics, I will dispense with words and just show you what I mean…

These happy people have a basket of winter vegetables from the Mendocino Organics Winter CSA.

Yuki showing off her beautiful handmade gifts from handspun yarn.

Valena and Ralph Forsbert with their ceramics.

Yvonne Hall selling Hopland Olivino olive oil.

Yummy Shamrock goat cheese.

Adam Gaska showing off his prize Graffiti Cauliflower. You can see from his head lamp that he was up early picking vegetables for the Mendocino Organics CSA.

And, while you’re there, how about a tarot card reading?

See you next Saturday . . .


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