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A dollar spent…

In Dave Smith on December 10, 2008 at 11:53 am

From Dave Smith
See update below…

A local merchant forwards this:

A dollar spent at a locally-owned store is usually spent 6 – 15 times before it leaves the community.

From $1 you create $5 – $14 in value within the community.

Spend $1 at a national chain store and 80% of it leaves immediately.

Thanks for contributing to our sustainable community.

Quote:  Tim Mitchell, first cited in E magazine, article available through the Northwest Earth Institute’s Choices for Sustainable Living discussion course book.
Update 12/11/08: The local Chamber of Commerce sent this quote out to their email list today, and soon thereafter a retraction email was sent out and replaced with the same quote minus this part: “Spend $1 at a national chain store and 80% of it leaves immediately.”



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